Real world experience for over four decades

1962-baseball-card.jpgAir Engineering supplies High Performance Parts, Lubricant and Accessories for every major brand of industrial air compressor, at prices up to 33% below the compressor manufacturer dealers. How do we do it? It started back in the 1960's...

JFK was President and the Beatles were still playing clubs in Liverpool when Air Engineering opened its doors back in 1962 as a distributor for several leading compressor manufacturers. Back then the only type of compressors were reciprocating compressors, and Air Engineering soon became the leading distributor in the United States; selling, installing and servicing more compressors than any other dealer, anywhere.

beatles.jpgIt didn't take long for us to figure out that the compressor manufacturers did not make the parts that went into the compressors. They bought those parts from specialty manufacturers. We realized that the best way to provide the best value to our customers was to buy the parts direct, and supply the parts direct to our customers. By cutting out several layers of corporate middlemen, we were able to save our customers big money while providing the exact same or even better parts.

We now source over 400,000 High Performance Parts, Lubricants and Accessories, and the list grows longer every day. At Air Engineering, we are committed to helping our customers get the exact parts they need while saving money every time. It's a philosophy that has worked for us for more than 40 years.

Why not see how it works for you?