Truth, Lies and Compressor Parts

Here are some statements compressor dealers use to justify their high prices. Defend yourself with THE TRUTH.

Compressor Dealer Says:

“Our lubricant is patented, so it cannot be duplicated.”

YOUR RESPONSE: “A patented formulation is not a superior formulation just because it is patented. The patented difference in formulation may be the color of the lubricant. ”Tell the dealer you want to conduct a functional comparison with AIR ENGINEERING’s High Performance Lubricant. That comparison will measure electrical amp draw and pressure differential at the air oil separator element and at the intake air filter. Our product performance versus their product performance.

THE TRUTH: AIR ENGINEERING lubricant has been proven to perform as well, or better, than OEM lubricant.

CAUTION: There is a lot of pirate lubricant on the market. Don’t be tempted by low-cost, pirate lubricant.

Compressor Dealer Says:

“Our lubricant is so good, it will not varnish.”

YOUR RESPONSE: “What will happen if I leave your lubricant in my compressor, unchanged, for 2 years? For 3 years? For 4 years?”

THE TRUTH: All lubricants will varnish when used in rotary screw air compressors. It is simple science*.The fact that the Compressor Dealer says that their lubricant will not varnish, shows how willing they are to make untrue statements in order to continue to sell their brand lubricant to you, at wildly inflated prices. The compressor dealer’s lubricant is great stuff, but if you neglect or abuse any lubricant, the dealer’s or AIR ENGINEERING’s, it will varnish – GUARANTEED.

CAUTION: Remember, you have 3 choices: 1) High Priced OEM. 2) Bargain priced PIRATE.3) AIR ENGINEERING, the only “non-pirate” alternative.

* If you wish to read about the science of lubricants, please ask for our Special Technical Report “Avoiding the Lubricant Death Spiral”.

Compressor Dealer Says:

“Our oil filters are technically superior to any other. ”

YOUR RESPONSES: “Who manufacturers your oil filters? “What if I took your oil filter and painted it a different color – will that affect its performance? ”How do you know that the inside of the AIR ENGINEERING filter is any different than the inside of your filter?”

The correct answers are: All compressor manufacturers purchase their oil filters from an oil filter manufacturer.

THE TRUTH: AIR ENGINEERING supplies the same filters, but the color may be different.

CAUTION: Air Engineering has seen a recent wave of low quality pirate oil filters on the market. These filters may seem like a bargain at first, but they can cause damage to your compressor. You can rely on Air Engineering to supply only High Performance oil filters.

Compressor Dealer Says:

“Our Air/Oil Separators will save you money because they perform so efficiently.”

YOUR RESPONSE: “Prove it. ”Suggest they perform a side-by-side comparison in which their Air/Oil Separator is tested against

AIR ENGINEERING ’S Air/Oil Separator. Johnson Controls® makes a test device for this exact purpose. The device is a Johnson Controls® Model #A-400and costs about $25.00.The test takes about 8 hours. AIR ENGINEERING will pay the cost of this test device if the local dealer has the nerve to compete with us.

THE TRUTH: AIR ENGINEERING just completed such a test, and soundly whipped that OEM. The separators you get from the compressor dealer are good. The units you get from AIR ENGINEERING are just as good, sometimes better and certainly are a better value.

CAUTION: There are a lot of pirate Air/Oil Separators on the market. Be aware and avoid them!

Compressor Dealer Says:

“If you don’t buy all of your parts from us, it will void your compressor warranty.”

YOUR RESPONSE: “Please clarify that in writing. “Most new compressors come with a 12-month warranty covering everything on the unit.

THE TRUTH: If you have a new unit with a 12-month warranty, it is illegal for the compressor dealer to require that you buy parts from them in order to preserve that warranty. (Magnuson -Moss – Warranty Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act, 15 USC Sec. 2303)

CAUTION: Many new compressors come with a 5-10 year “extended warranty”. Don’t assume that the “extended warranty” covers the entire unit. THAT IS NOT THE CASE. Extended warranties ONLY cover the Air-End part of the unit and that Coverage may also be severely prorated. Air Engineering provides replacement warranties Free of Charge. Ask our Compressor Specialists for full details.

Compressor Dealer Says:

“If you don’t buy your parts from us, then we may not be able to help you when you have a problem.”

YOUR RESPONSE:“Sounds like extortion to me.”

THE TRUTH : Many compressor dealers use extortion-like tactics. 1) They are trained to use those tactics by the compressor manufacturer. 2) They believe they have a monopoly on your business. Never settle for anything less than high performance parts and high performance service. Get both when you buy from AIR ENGINEERING.

CAUTION: Never allow lies and extortion to control your business.

27th Jul 2014

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