Lubricant Warranty

Simply the best lubricant warranty in the business.

Air Engineering warrants that its lubricant will be completely compatible with the compressor manufacturer products it is intended to replace.

Air Engineering warrants that its lubricants have been tested for complete compatibility with all appropriate materials, including Seals and Hoses, and that our lubricants will not cause damage to these parts or other parts of normal air systems under normal and reasonable operating conditions.

Air Engineering, Inc. warrants that its lubricants meet the standards and specifications set forth on the Product, the packaging of the product, and the product data sheets, and in the event that the product fails to conform with this warranty, Air Engineering shall be responsible for the reasonable costs of repairs for all damages which are directly caused by such failure provided the following steps are performed:

Please send written notice of such failure to Air Engineering within thirty (30) days of discovery of such failure. Notices should be sent to:

Air Engineering LLC.
2040 North Hawthorne
Melrose Park, IL