Corporate-Wide Supply

Get Enterprise-wide consolidation, deep discounts, free shipping, e-purchasing capability and single-source responsibility guarantee maximum value and a lower total spend.

The fact that Air Engineering saves you up to 33% on high performance compressor parts and lubricants is impressive – but it's only part of the equation. Why not lean out your supply chain and source all air compressor parts, lubricants and accessories from a strategic partner guaranteed to lower your MRO spend – and virtually eliminate the soft costs associated with your air compressor fleet?

Air Engineering's Corporate-Wide Supply & Consolidated Support Program is a procurement solution designed to drastically reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of your Compressed Air Infrastructure. It's custom-made for companies that are typically spending too much time and money managing and maintaining multiple air compressors at multiple locations.

The Corporate-Wide Supply & Consolidated Support Program brings "Vendor Consolidation" and "Single Source Responsibility" to a whole new level: No matter how many plants, no matter how many different compressors or brands, no matter how complex your needs, no matter how big your order – no matter what, you can rely on a single supplier with global capabilities to keep your compressors and everything associated with them running at peak efficiency!

The bottom line is you'll be able to allocate more resources toward growing your profit margin – and a lot less toward your compressed air infrastructure.

Corporate-Wide Supply Features

  • Provide discounts of up to 33% off of manufacturers' list prices
  • Provide free shipping for standard ground delivery of all parts & lubricants anywhere in the contiguous United states
  • Inspect every plant location to assess all compressors, dryers, drain valves, air storage devices, & air distribution systems
  • Review & assess all maintenance, inventory, parts ordering, stocking, accounting & reporting systems
  • Provide ongoing support to consolidate & standardize the management of all compressor-related systems
  • Eliminate minimum order requirements & emergency order expediting fees
  • Warranty all parts for 1 year or 8,000 hours, including labor & freight costs
  • Custom label all parts with both customer's internal part number & manufacturers' part number
  • Free lubricant analysis program
  • Assist with video conferencing hardware & software To facilitate "Vid-link" personal support
  • Customized online cataloging & purchasing
  • Provide annual reporting of savings accrued as a corporate supply partner