5 Early Warning Signs Your Industrial Compressor Needs Maintenance

5 Early Warning Signs Your Industrial Compressor Needs Maintenance

All compressed air systems have unique supply and demand characteristics, but one thing they have in common are similar warning signs that something is wrong. Identifying impending issues can increase efficiency, save from unplanned downtime and avoid safety issues. Here are some warning signs to be on the lookout for.

Changes in or increased noise levels

Be aware of any changes in or differences in noise. Bearing noise can be a symptom of a major problem. Listen for any rattles, clicks or changes in typical operating noise.

Increased Operating Temperature

An unexpected increase in compressor operating temperature is a reliable signal that problems are imminent. Increased operating temperature can be caused, in part, by inefficient compressor coolers and lubricant condition. Regular oil testing and monitoring can insure that oil is not contaminated.

Low Pressure

Low pressure due to design or application can be catastrophic to a compressed air system. Operators should be continuously aware of air supply.

Motor Overload

Although a motor overload can sometimes be resolved quickly, it can occur due to deficiencies in your electrical system or due to mechanical friction.


Moisture build up in an air compressor is due to the collision of hot and cold air. Excess moisture can be a sign that there is an air treatment issue, which can be harmful to the operating environment as well as cause maintenance issues. Filters and separators should also be maintained to prevent build up.

It is important to periodically baseline your compressed air system by tracking its power, pressure, flow, and temperature. If you see any meaningful changes, it is important to diagnose immediately to avoid downtime.

19th Sep 2019

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