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Air Engineering is your complete source for mission critical compressor lubricants. Products range from full synthetic to specialty blends. All designed for maximum performance and to reach your desired service life and price point. Food Grade lubricants and oven grease are Kosher approved.

LCG Series:
Specially formulated compressor lubricant designed to be INERT to reactive and corrosive gases encountered in landfills, refineries and chemical plants. 100% pure synthetic PAO (Polyalphaolefin), it provides extremely low vapor pressure and minimal carryover past the separator. Contains no sulfur or other impurities associated with petroleum based products. Protects oil wetted parts against the corrosive effects of common acids and water.

NGL Series:
Polyalkylene Glycol  lubricant formulated to combat the problems associated with high pressure reciprocationg compressors pumping Natural Gas, Carbon dioxide or process gases. Extremely resistant to hydrocarbon and CO₂ dilution and absorption. It will not impair the well formation, compatible with well bore treatment fluids, soluble in water.

NGP Series:
Natural Gas Compressor Lubricant

Synthetic blends formulated from highly – refined paraffinic petroleum and high temperature synthetic base stocks. Inhibits the formation of varnish and carbon while providing superior thermal and oxidative stability.